As part of technical assistance from the US State Department, the security forces of Ukraine will receive a batch of repair and recovery vehicles

As part of the technical assistance of the US Department of State, the security forces of Ukraine will receive a batch of repair and recovery vehicles, says the director of the Pulsar Expo machine development company, Vakhtang Dzhukashvili.

“Within the framework of the international technical assistance program, the US Department of State financed a project for the supply of 10 mobile repair and evacuation stations Master and 10 planning excavators to Ukrainian law enforcement agencies,” V. Dzhukashvili told journalists during field tests at the Chaika autodrome near Kiev .

According to him, the cost of one station is $ 237 thousand, and an excavator – $ 241 thousand. The total amount of the project is $ 2 million 370 thousand.

The director of the company-developer noted that the machines were made exclusively from Ukrainian and European components and would allow to perform a wide range of various engineering, evacuation and repair works for the needs of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. Such machines can provide operational evacuation of equipment, its repair directly on the field of combat events, as well as quick trenching.

A separate advantage of the project is the speed of deliveries of cars – in the repair and evacuation modification, the manufacture of a car is 5-6 weeks from the date of order.

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