Special Purpose Vehicle Supplies and Engineering Services


Business Approach

  • Participation in fully transparent tender procedures lead by different organization taking into accord different rules and law of procurement
  • Using of all reporting and operational documents of the customer
  • Flexibility in products that are ordering
  • Establishing strong consortium with performance guarantees for complicated multitasks procurement
  • Training at the moment of final delivery

Supply of Special Purpose Vehicles

  • Design of required model
  • R&D and engineering
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Mass production and delivery
  • After-sales service, warranty
  • Spare parts delivery

Supply of Common Vehicles

  • Best price option
  • Worldwide delivery
  • After sells service, warranty
  • Spare parts delivery

Mulitple-Task Projects

  • Formation of highly skilled teams
  • Formation of consortium with local and international partners
  • Implementation under strict graphics of scope of work
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and on request reports
  • Performance guarantee
Riot Van conversions
Ford Ranger conversions

Pulsar Expo are world leaders in the manufacture, delivery, and implementation of specialist vehicle supplies and engineering services for global governmental and private sector organisations.

Our company is structured to meet all government contract procedures and regulations and our experience allows us to drive maximum efficiency in attaining prompt results and implementation. Our greatest strength lies in our ability to perform multi-task projects using minimal costs, with guaranteed results.

We are experienced in the supply of specialist vehicle supplies and engineering services, equipment, engineering, IT and software for governmental bodies worldwide; including within the international technical assistance projects funded by the donor organisations of the European Union, the USA and the United Nations. We also provide conversion and re-equipment of vehicles for special purposes and diplomatic missions.

In addition, we work with private sector companies to provide expertise and technical support in adapting existing vehicles and engineering to meet the challenges of their special conditions and operations.

Some of our projects are performed in cooperation with our international partners. In those cases we act as a leader, providing full support of international supplies to the respective state and bearing all financial risks.