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Recovery and Repair Mobile Station (MASTER)


  1. There is no analogue to the station that would consist of a winch, a crane, a recovery lift, a compressor. A mobile power station, as itself, is a mobile working space with external fast deployment working area (pneumatic tent). Master is equipped with, but not limited to, hydraulic press, hydraulic stretching, pneumatic hammer, mini washing machines Karcher etc.
  2. The Station is designed for all weather conditions (operational temperature: from -32°С to +55°С) and all types of roads.
  3. Performs as a mobile service station with a full cycle of vehicle repairs.
  4. 6х6 transmission is to deliver the best off road results.

Peugeot 301 Police Vehicle

Volkswagen Crafter Riot Van

Excavator Conversion on MAN Truck

Custom Ford Transit

Toyota Land Cruiser

Special Purpose Pickup Vehicles

Quad bikes, Motorcycles and Skis

Double Cabin Pickup Truck for Diplomatic Mission

Hyundai Santa Fe

VW Crafter Police Vehicles

Special Road Sweeper Machines Based on Chassis Iveco Eurocargo

Peculiarities of sweepers are prevention from dust formation as the cleaning area is moistened with water. Water is supplied under pressure through the nozzles (15 pieces of spray nozzles on the brushes). The watering system on the brushes is controlled by the operator in the driver’s cabin. All of the watering parts are made of corrosion proof materials such as copper, brass, pig iron and plastic.